Steampunk Portal by Lisa Rye

From The Aperture Institute of Natural Philosophy comes the astounding new line of marvelous gizmos, perfectly suited for the top-hatted gentleman scientist and all his testing inquiries.

Artist: Deviantart / Tumblr




Swedish Chef Ramsay

Oh god, I’m in tears, specially the last one.

I would watch this.

I saw about six guys sitting outside of Starbucks, all wearing flannel shirts. All I could think was “yep, that’s about right.”






$3.99 wine.


Would not buy again

In the words of Taylor Swift “Never ever everrrr buy cheap wine.”

Also in the words of Taylor Swift, “I’ll friggin murder you!”

Also in the words of Taylor Swift, “This wine is garbage”

Why would Taylor Swift hate wine it’s all she does

In my head I’m thinking of my ideal type of man

I have some strange things

Like I want a guy who’s like 6 foot even though I’m barely 5 feet
Who is skinny, but not too skinny.
And has muscle but not too much muscle. With really big hands to like engulf mine. Also is it weird to like left-handed men? For some reason I like left handed men.
His hair would be either dark and curly or like short and clean cut professional looking.
Super funny.
Has a strong name.
Likes to cuddle.
Gives me nicknames.
Likes to read.
Glasses are good.
Says words that people don’t usually say.
Deep comforting voice.
Idk. I just want someone to have big warm arms to hug me with, ya know?

I just ate like 20 onion rings.
That has to at least be a whole onion.
Who just EAtS a wHole onion?